Felicia Makes the Boston Globe – Front Page!

My sister Felicia needs to come home soon! Not only do we REALLY miss her, but she is FAMOUS and I want to let her know! She was featured in a story which made the front page of the Boston Globe! Read the article here: Desperately Seeking Lost Pet Cockatiels This is one page that will not end up on the bottom of our bird cages! 🙂

See the article about cockatiels that we’ve outlined in red? That’s Felicia’s article, right on the front page!

Her new found fame is the good news, but the bad news is that Felicia is still not home yet. Now, I know Felicia, and she is a little star. She will not want to miss out on experiencing super-stardom! Don’t forget to keep spreading the word that she’s missing and wants to come home! She has been living in the trees around the Lakewoods Dr neighborhood, West Shore Road Neighborhood and the area between on Bear Hill Rd in Merrimac, MA. Our humans are trying SO HARD to locate her and bring her home. 

Felicia is still missing! Please help spread the word so that we can get her home soon!

It’s not easy to spot such a little bird in so many trees. That’s why we are asking all of you to tell all of your friends and family to help spread the word and get more people looking out for our little lost bird. Please call 978-886-4693 with any sightings or information! We’re even working to raise the amount of our offered reward, which I’ll post more about later!

This is just a tiny preview, but here is the new classified ad which will start it’s run on 10/21/14.

Also, be on the lookout for her new ad in the classified section of Eagle Tribune, Newburyport Daily News, Haverhill Gazette, Andover Townsman, Gloucester Times, Salem News & Derry News starting on 10/21. If you or your family or friends subscribe to these newspapers, please share her ad with everyone you know! With all this newspaper action lately, our mom is seriously considering something different to line the bottoms of our cages!

Stay tuned, I’ve got more to say!

~ Arya ❤

Felicia’s Story: The Search Continues

Thorin (front) and me, Arya, out with our humans, searching for our baby sister Felicia.

Hi everybirdy! Just wanted to post a short update to let you know that the search continues! Thorin Morkenshield and I got to go out with our humans and do some searching for Felicia. We went in our carrier, so we wouldn’t get lost. Once we realized we weren’t going to get a checkup or a nail trim, we really enjoyed the searching! The sun was out, the weather was brisk, and we had fun exploring and seeing all the sights.

… In fact, we had such a nice time, that we forgot to call for Felicia, and just quietly enjoyed the day. Luckily, our humans called for her and rang her bell, so we birds could enjoy the outing. Felicia is getting closer, we can feel it. Our mom had another reading today with Animal Communicator, Medium and Psychic, Laurie Blomer. It went extremely well, and we are certain that we are close to physically connecting with Felicia. It won’t be long now before she is home and safe inside. That doesn’t mean her adventures will be over! She’s got big plans for the future, but from now on, she will only go on adventures with our humans!

I’ll keep you posted, don’t forget to check back soon! And please send Felicia your thoughts and prayers to help her connect with our humans as soon as possible!

~ Arya ❤

Felicia’s Story – Part 2

That’s right, Felicia the Cockatiel is missing. We never thought that something like this could happen in our flock. Our humans are so overly careful with us, that sometimes us birds just want to tell them to chill out. Now we understand why they try to be so careful even in houses with over protective humans, mistakes can happen.

In the process of searching for Felicia, we have certainly learned a lot about searching for lost birds. From online ads and social media, to more traditional foot searches and fliers, our humans are willing to do anything it takes so find Felicia and bring her home. I’ve been watching my humans very carefully as they work to bring Felicia home, and since our family is learning so much about searching for lost birds, I thought it would be helpful to others who might find themselves in a situation like ours, if I shared the information they’ve been collecting, with all of you.

Felicia’s current flier, these go in mailboxes, on telephone poles, on bulletin boards in all the local businesses, and to all local vet hospitals, rescues and shelters.

At our house there are times when we have to stay inside of our cages, and we have so much fun stuff to do in there, that we don’t really mind. Much of the day though, we have our cage doors open and we are allowed to play in and out of each other’s cages, climb on play stands, sit on humans, and even fly around. One day, my mom thought that Felicia was secure, but she made a mistake. Felicia is the kind of girl who loves our humans so much, that she likes to follow them around and ride on their heads or shoulders most of the day. Felicia didn’t want to be left behind, so she flew after my mom to try to catch her. I think when she flew out the door, she must have been excited about all the space, and flew really high and fast. My humans tried to follow her, but she was so quick, that she got out of sight. Now she’s been lost for a few weeks and we all miss her every minute! Continue reading Felicia’s Story – Part 2

Felicia’s Story – Part 1

This post is my “sister,” Felicia’s, origin story. Felicia wrote this all down when she was fundraising for the MSPCA’s Walk for Animals this year. She’s only a little bird, but she raised $1616.00 and was the 4th place fundraiser for the MSPCA’s Methuen Walk! Next year, I expect she will raise $2000 or more, as she’s a real go-getter! She came to live with us as a teeny tiny, ten day old baby. She was very weak, but she fought hard and survived, against all odds. I got to watch her grow up, and she has taught us all so much!

As some of you already know, Felicia is missing. There was a miscommunication at our house, and Felicia flew out the door. It just goes to show that even the most careful of humans can make mistakes. (And my humans are extremely over protective of us birds!) My humans are devastated and us birds really miss Felicia too! She’s such a presence in all of our lives, and so much fun to be around. We have no doubt that she will be returning home to us, and will not give up hope.

Photo credit: KitschAndStitchNY

I’m going to post this story in “chapters,” as it’s long, and ongoing. There are so many things we’ve learned about searching for, and recovering lost birds, that my humans have asked me to start tracking it all here. We hope that the information we continue to gather, will help bring other lost birds home in the future. We are still waiting for a happy ending. You know what they say, “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.”

We know our little girl will be home soon.

~ Arya ❤

Felicia’s Beginning ~

On February 27, 2014, the MSPCA was called to a home in Lynnfield where staff and volunteers were faced with one of the worst hoarding cases in recent years. With help from the Animal Rescue League, 199 animals were removed from deplorable conditions and transported to the Methuen and Boston shelters. (Read the Press Release here.) The MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen took in 65 birds, alone! If you haven’t guessed by now, I was one of those birds!

photo 2(2)
Baby Felicia, her first night at home with us. She was so tiny!

When I was found by the rescuers from the MSPCA, I was in a filthy nest box with my mom, Buttercup, and my 3 clutch mates, Felix, Freya and Frodo. The rescue team brought us, along with all kinds of other birds, to the Methuen shelter, where I met my new human. She works at the shelter, and happened to arrive around the same time that I did. When she heard that my mom, Buttercup, my clutch mates and I needed special care, she took us home. She helps with the birds at the shelter, and had some experience with birds who need medical care, so even though we were her first tiny baby birds, she was ready to do everything she could to help us. Continue reading Felicia’s Story – Part 1

My first Post!

Hi everybirdy! My name is Arya and I’m a cockatiel. I live with my mate, Thorin Morkenshield, and our very unique flock of birds. Most of us have been adopted from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA. I met my human there when I was only two months old. Before that, I don’t remember much, I was too little. I know now, that life is good. I have my mate, who I love, lots of birds to play with, and all the toys, food and love a bird could want. I’d like to tell you stories about the fun we have in the bird world here at our house. Visit My Flock to meet my feathered family!

2012-06-28 23.49.38
Here I am right after I came home from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. I was only 2 months old!

I also have a famous “sister,” Felicia the Cockatiel, who is a Facebook sensation. She got out of our house, because our humans got confused one day. They are really upset, and we all miss her. I thought I’d tell you all about how the search for Felicia has been progressing, because I know it’s been a learning experience for all of us birds! We know Felicia will be home soon, and we can’t wait to see her, and to hear all about her amazing adventure!

Stay tuned for lots of cute pictures of us birds, stories about me and my flock, as well as posts about the search for Felicia. We are learning so much about searching for lost birds, we really want to share this information with other bird owners, in order to help other families who find themselves in a similar, scary situation. Continue reading My first Post!