Felicia’s Story – Part 2

That’s right, Felicia the Cockatiel is missing. We never thought that something like this could happen in our flock. Our humans are so overly careful with us, that sometimes us birds just want to tell them to chill out. Now we understand why they try to be so careful even in houses with over protective humans, mistakes can happen.

In the process of searching for Felicia, we have certainly learned a lot about searching for lost birds. From online ads and social media, to more traditional foot searches and fliers, our humans are willing to do anything it takes so find Felicia and bring her home. I’ve been watching my humans very carefully as they work to bring Felicia home, and since our family is learning so much about searching for lost birds, I thought it would be helpful to others who might find themselves in a situation like ours, if I shared the information they’ve been collecting, with all of you.

Felicia’s current flier, these go in mailboxes, on telephone poles, on bulletin boards in all the local businesses, and to all local vet hospitals, rescues and shelters.

At our house there are times when we have to stay inside of our cages, and we have so much fun stuff to do in there, that we don’t really mind. Much of the day though, we have our cage doors open and we are allowed to play in and out of each other’s cages, climb on play stands, sit on humans, and even fly around. One day, my mom thought that Felicia was secure, but she made a mistake. Felicia is the kind of girl who loves our humans so much, that she likes to follow them around and ride on their heads or shoulders most of the day. Felicia didn’t want to be left behind, so she flew after my mom to try to catch her. I think when she flew out the door, she must have been excited about all the space, and flew really high and fast. My humans tried to follow her, but she was so quick, that she got out of sight. Now she’s been lost for a few weeks and we all miss her every minute!

Our sweet Felicia, we miss her so much! We know she’ll be back home with us soon!

Since the terrible miscommunication which led to Felicia flying outside, our humans have distributed fliers, posted them all around town and also purchased yard signs to post with her information on them. It’s also a good idea to re-distribute and re-post “Still Missing” fliers with updated information periodically, so that people don’t assume they should stop looking. The humans have posted on all kinds of social media, Felicia’s FaceBook Page, Craigslist (both Boston and New Hampshire, since we’re right on the border) and numerous lost pet and lost bird websites. They have been out walking almost all day, every day searching and calling for her, whistling and even playing recordings of us birds singing and calling, so she might recognize our voices and come closer. They even ring a bell that she likes, in case that might help her to hear them better.

One thing that they’ve found to be very important is to make sure to stop every single person they meet to give them her flier and talk to them about keeping a lookout for her. Sometimes people might live right near where a sign is posted, but somehow they didn’t notice it! It’s really important to call attention to the search in any way you can! With some helpful tips from other kind humans, they’ve been able to narrow their search down to a much smaller area (the Lakewoods Dr neighborhood, West Shore Road Neighborhood and the area between on Bear Hill Rd in Merrimac, MA). They’re also working with a nice human on Bear Hill Rd who has allowed them to put out a cage for Felicia, in hopes she will come looking for food and water. This week, my mom even talked to a reporter at the Boston Globe! We really hope he runs the story they talked about, and if so, I’ll post a link here on my blog!

Yard signs we have posted in the neighborhoods where Felicia has been spotted.

Some of the more unconventional methods we’ve used are map dowsing and animal communication. These methods of searching may not be for everyone, but they have been extremely accurate, matching up with the sightings we’ve had reported, and have really helped us narrow down our search. You can find animal communicators in your area by searching the internet, or email my human, for more specific recommendations at birdhound@outlook.com.

I really hope that some of this information might be helpful to other humans who love their birds, and I promise to keep you all informed of any updates on our search for Felicia. Please share this post with your friends and family, because the more friends we have working together, the faster we will find Felicia and get her home safe and sound! Don’t forget to subscribe by email at the bottom of the page, so that you don’t miss any updates! I’ll talk to you humans soon!

~ Arya ❤

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