Felicia’s Story: The Search Continues

Thorin (front) and me, Arya, out with our humans, searching for our baby sister Felicia.

Hi everybirdy! Just wanted to post a short update to let you know that the search continues! Thorin Morkenshield and I got to go out with our humans and do some searching for Felicia. We went in our carrier, so we wouldn’t get lost. Once we realized we weren’t going to get a checkup or a nail trim, we really enjoyed the searching! The sun was out, the weather was brisk, and we had fun exploring and seeing all the sights.

… In fact, we had such a nice time, that we forgot to call for Felicia, and just quietly enjoyed the day. Luckily, our humans called for her and rang her bell, so we birds could enjoy the outing. Felicia is getting closer, we can feel it. Our mom had another reading today with Animal Communicator, Medium and Psychic, Laurie Blomer. It went extremely well, and we are certain that we are close to physically connecting with Felicia. It won’t be long now before she is home and safe inside. That doesn’t mean her adventures will be over! She’s got big plans for the future, but from now on, she will only go on adventures with our humans!

I’ll keep you posted, don’t forget to check back soon! And please send Felicia your thoughts and prayers to help her connect with our humans as soon as possible!

~ Arya ❤

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